Around Marshall (Marszalkowska) Street in Warsaw

Rebuilding of Warsaw after World War II coincided with emergence of socialist realism. The facades of many buildings in this area show the uninspired architecture style of the communist area. Buildings are generally dull and it is difficult to distinguish one building from the other. However this area shows the remnants of Warsaw's communist past and in that sense it is very interesting.

In the heart of Warsaw is the Palace of Culture. This monolithic building was a "gift" from the Soviet Union to Warsaw. It was built in 1955 to the design of a Russian architect and resembles Moscow high-rises. Although it has 30 stories only - it was Europe's second largest building at that time.

Woth seeing in this area are: Warsaw Technical University, Warszawa hotel, Palace of Culture and Science, and PKO S.A Bank. All are located in the center of Warsaw along Marshall Street.

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