The Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw


The Jewish ghetto is located between the following streets: Towarowa, Okopowa, Slominskiego, Gen. Andersa, Swietokrzyska and Jana Pawla II Ave. Before the outbreak of World War II the northwestern part of Warsaw was occupied by mostly Jewish population (about 400,000 people). The languages spoken in that area were Yidish, Hebrew and Russian used by Jews who fled Russia.

During the World War II a ghetto was formed out of the Jewish district by Germans. No Jew could leave the ghetto without permission. During 1942 and 1943 almost all inhabitants of the ghetto were either killed or transported to Death Camps by German Nazis.

Currently few jews live in Warsaw but the traces of original community still remain in the district. There are many monuments and memorials in that district as well as the Jewish Historic Museum on Gen Andersa Street, the Jewish National Theatre and Nozyk Synagogue on Grzybowska Street. Worth seeing is Pawiak Prison on Jana Pawla II Street, UmschlagPlatz on Dzika Street, Jewish Cemetary on Okopowa Street and Path of Rememberance on Lewartowskiego Street.

There were no death camps in Warsaw however the most important death camp in Poland can be found in Auschiwtz. Auschwitz is close to Krakow, Wieliczka and Zakopane.

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