Getting Around Warsaw

The center of Warsaw is compact and traffic tends to be very congested - so it is advisable to explore it by foot. Most areas in Warsaw beyond the center can be reached conveniently either by bus or street car. Mokotow and Ursynow districts can also be reached from the center by subway (new stops are constantly being built)


Driving in Warsaw is becomming more and more difficult as more and more Varsovians can afford a car and take it to the streets. Avoid rush hours and the center of Warsaw. Although street signs are pretty good around Warsaw - roads are not always in good condition. Most parking in the center of Warsaw is not free and illegal parking is severely punished. A car that is parked dangerously and left unattended will be towed away. Cars can also be wheel clamped like on the picture.

Public transportation

Warsaw has an extensive network of buses and street cars. While buses are not always modern they are the most inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation.


Taxi fares are not high by international standards and they are a convenient mode of transportation. Firms listed under Useful Numbers section and listed in the phone book are generally reliable. But watch out for taxi cabs that over charge. It is best to book taxi in advance.

By foot

Exploring Warsaw by foot is very convenient as tourist attractions tend to be concentrated near each other. Although the crime rate in Warsaw is low by American standards - avoid walking alone after dusk.

Practical tips

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