Warsaw New Town

New Town began to develop in 14th century. In 1408 Duke Janusz the Elder granted Nowe Miasto a seperate status from the Old Town. The New Town had its own council, a Town Hall and several churches and monasteries. It was not fortified in contrast to the Old Town. In 1791 New Town was incorporated into Warsaw. During World War II New Town suffered severe damage but was restored to its original glamour.

New Town is located between Krasinskiego Street in the North, Dluga Street to the South, Adama Mickiewicza Street in the West and Wybrzeze Gdanskie Street in the East. It is a pedestrians haven as most of New Town is closed to traffic.

Most major attractions except for Citadel museum are located around Dluga Street. Citadel museum is located on Skazancow Street near Wybrzeze Gdanskie Street.

New Town is mostly closed to traffic. It is best to park the car on Wybrzeze Gdanskie Street close to Dluga Street. An excellent connection to New Town is by buses 116, 122, 144, 175, 179 and 195 leaving from the center of Warsaw. Citadel museum is best reached by street cars 2, 12 and 18 by getting off at by Gdansk bridge on Gdanskie Wybrzeze Street.
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