Welcome to Warsaw!

Interesting and happening city in Europe!
Warsaw is not anymore the cold and dead city it used to be under communism rule. Today with bustling Polish economy and freedom from communist rule - the city has undergone a huge transformation process. Many old communist buildings gave way to modern sky scrapers, dilapidating old town was restored, entertainment and services transformed to match that of other western capitals. Crime rate is lower than that of big cities in the United States. Today Warsaw boasts GDP per capita more than 85% of European Union average.

This guide enables you to make the most of your travel to Warsaw. It offers export recommendations for sights to visit, places to stay, car rentals, excursions, restaurants as well as provides useful practical traveler's information.

Warsaw at a glance section locates the city geographically and sets modern Warsaw in historical context and describes the changes that have taken place after the fall of communism. Worth seeing subsection includes sample walks around Warsaw and has suggestions on trips outside of Warsaw.

We recommend our restaurants section. It lists more than 40 most popular restaurants and it puts special emphasis on restaurants serving delicious Polish cuisine. We hope you enjoy your stay in one of the most interesting and happening places in Europe!